What our clients are saying about Lepp, Mayrides & Eaton’s attorneys…

Sarah M. Eaton


Sarah is an efficient, intelligent and responsive attorney. She guided me through the divorce process with compassion and clarity. I would highly recommend her services and that of her associated firm.


Highly Recommend for Mediation and More

I have worked with Sarah through my divorce. Two of the best facts I can relate to are that she was very helpful ensuring the progression so we were not idle in the process. She was also very helpful in preparing my strategy, my wants and what I was not willing to part with, and negotiating the final settlement. I was very satisfied with her work then, as well as the follow up items that have required her help. I would highly recommend Sarah as a top notch attorney for your needs.


Helpful and Supportive With Difficult Former Spouse

Sarah has helped me write two motions over the past six months in my ongoing efforts to get my ex-husband to comply with our divorce agreement and numerous court orders. She is responsive, helpful, and understanding. While my head is constantly spinning with complications and fallout from my ex’s non-compliance, Sarah consistently nails all my major issues and puts my mind at ease. If only my ex-husband were as easy to work with!


True Professional Service Without Prejudice

Sarah has been working on my case for past 4 months and successfully handled one court case and one mediation. She is reasonable in the time spent and provides professional service that solves the problem. I find that she has good tips on how to handle situations in and out of court. Also, she is best available through emails.


Sarah is a Wonderful Attorney

Sarah handled some post-judgement matters for me after my divorce. Sarah is a wonderful attorney who is responsive, caring, and highly respected. She did a wonderful job on her work for me! 

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Heidi Ann Lepp

Outstanding Advocate

Heidi Lepp is the perfect combination of legal excellence and unrelenting advocacy. She has a keen instinct and highly successful outcomes. She has a great legal mind and compassionate heart.


The Lawyer You Want on Your Side When it Counts

When my former spouse challenged our matrimonial settlement nearly 20 years after the fact, I knew I needed to be represented by a law firm and personal lawyer second to none. I did extensive research before making a decision as the outcome would affect the financial security of my family before and after my death. Heidi Lepp is a true professional. She calls it like it is, treats you like you are her only client, and is committed at the highest professional and personal level. In reality, it is only results that count. I could not be happier with the outcome of my case.


Heidi Truly Cares About Your Case

Heidi is top notch! She is very professional, yet very personable. She truly cares about your case and will always give full effort. She will also work hard to help you settle the case if at all possible. If she can’t settle it, she will keep up a ferocious fight!


Simply Outstanding

If every matrimonial attorney was like Ms. Lepp being a lawyer would once again be a noble and honorable profession. She is exceptionally caring and honest. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable, but most of all she truly cares about her clients and wants the best outcome. Unlike many other lawyers,


Heidi is Top Notch!

Heidi handled my divorce and multiple post-judgement matters. She helped me to receive an excellent settlement and helped to secure matters in the best interest of my children. She always had my and my children’s best interests and well-being at the forefront of all negotiations. She is top notch! 

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Heidi Has Always Had My Son’s Best Interests in Mind

Heidi has always had my son’s best interests in mind. She has integrity and always communicated case status and what our next steps should be. She helped me get my son out of a very difficult situation with his father and has been there to cheer on my son’s successes.

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Heidi was Consistently Patient, Transparent, Dependable, Professional and Firm

I retained Heidi as my counsel for my divorce. Throughout the entire process, Heidi was consistently patient, transparent, dependable, professional and firm. She was excellent at managing my expectations and offering me a realistic outlook into next steps and long-term implications of every decision and agreement. Heidi demonstrated being a brilliant professional managing every curve ball with creative solutions and counter arguments. She was consistently multiple steps ahead of the other side. Heidi was expeditious, on point and always worked with integrity. Throughout the entire process, regardless of that we faced, she was at all times prepared with a solid plan. I am confident that my new life would not look as good as it does if it weren’t for her hard work and dedication throughout my divorce. If I had to do it all over again, I would not hesitate a second: I would go with Heidi.

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Mark T. Mayrides


Mark Mayrides and his team are incredibly professional, reliable, and thorough.


I Would Highly Recommend Mark for Any Family Law Needs

I have worked with Mark Mayrides a few times for advice on various topics. He is very knowledgeable and kind – and most importantly explains complicated legal language in a way that is easier to understand for those of us who haven’t studied law. I would highly recommend Mark for any family law needs.


Mr. Mayrides Always Had My Best Interests in Mind

From the beginning of my extremely lengthy divorce Mr. Mayrides always had my best interests in mind and never pointed me in the wrong direction. I always knew Mr. Mayrides was on my side and encouraged me to do what was right. I never felt like he was out to make a buck on my business, quite the opposite. Mr. Mayrides is a very respectful and personable person and knows how to get the job done. 

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Mark is an Excellent Family Law Attorney

Mark has been exceptional in every way. From my first meeting with Mark, he was informative on what to expect during the divorce process start to finish. Mark takes the time to listen to his clients and takes the time to know his clients. His staff is also very knowledgeable, attentive and easy to communicate with. My divorce was long and difficult. With Mark, I was able to express and share my emotions but also keep focused that this was a financial decision that would impact the rest of my life. Mark is an excellent family law attorney.

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Jane R. Altman

Thank You, Jane, for Helping Set Me Free

I’ve told so many friends how great Jane is, and what a big help she was for me. Thank you, Jane, for helping set me free.

Knowledgeable Lawyer

Jane Altman is a very knowledgeable lawyer AND a nice person.

Cannot Thank Jane Enough

Way back in 1982 my husband and I hired Jane Altman to handle our divorce. She saw me, rightly, as a helpless, untrained mother of five and argued for alimony as well as child support. Thirty six years later, as a retired professional, respected and solvent, I cannot thank her enough for her economic foresight.