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Enforcement of Orders/Judgments

The enforcement of a Judgment, Order, or Marital Settlement Agreement is critical to ensuring that a litigant receives the rights or benefits that were negotiated for or granted following litigation.

Whether you are a party seeking to enforce the terms of an Order dealing with child support or alimony, enforcing an Order stipulating the division of assets or liabilities, or enforcing the terms of a Judgment Fixing Custody and Parenting Time, Lepp, Mayrides & Eaton, LLC, attorneys will advocate to enforce your rights pursuant to the terms of your Judgment, Order or Agreement.

Post-Judgment Matters

Many times, even after your divorce or family law matter is complete, issues will arise that require additional legal advice. Collectively called “post-judgment matters”, these issues can involve enforcement of agreements or Orders of the court, or might require modifications of child support, alimony, custody, or parenting time. The attorneys of Lepp, Mayrides & Eaton, LLC, can carefully represent your interests in these matters.

Unmarried Couples’ Rights

For a couple to be legally married in New Jersey, they must obtain a valid marriage license and have a ceremony performed by an authorized person, institution, or organization to solemnize the marriage. A New Jersey couple cannot acquire marital rights and responsibilities by simply living together for a certain amount of time.

Unmarried partners are legally treated differently than married spouses in several significant ways. Traditional divorce law does not apply to unmarried couples when they separate. This can create various challenges, as the laws that apply to divorcing couples are different from the legal rights of unmarried couples living together. As a result, working out issues of support, child custody, and property division can be very complex. The actual rights of unmarried couples on separation can vary from case to case.

The attorneys at Lepp, Mayrides & Eaton, LLC, are experienced in the best ways to protect your rights and advocate for you in these situations, whether we are preparing cohabitation agreements or assisting couples who are separating.

Prenuptial Agreements

A carefully drafted premarital agreement can be an important tool to help protect the rights and interests of both parties at the time of death or in the event of divorce. This type of agreement addresses a couple’s financial future, and most often explains how assets will be allocated or preserved, and whether one spouse will have an obligation to pay alimony to the other, or whether spouses will inherit assets from one another.

The attorneys at Lepp, Mayrides & Eaton, LLC, provide representation to clients with the respect and sensitivity called for as couples are planning their marriages. We can assist you in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a prenuptial agreement to ensure that your rights and obligations are stated clearly and completely. We will work to provide you with the contractual security necessary to preserve your financial well-being should your marriage end in divorce.

Family Law Appeals – Fighting Unfavorable Decisions

In New Jersey, a family court decision can be appealed if there are valid grounds to do so. Simply being unhappy with the outcome of a case is not sufficient grounds for an appeal; an ill-advised appeal can be costly as the appeals process is expensive and very lengthy.

Despite these obstacles, there are situations in which a family law appeal may be the right choice. The experienced trial and appellate attorneys at Lepp, Mayrides & Eaton, LLC, handle appellate cases for our existing clients as well as for those who were originally represented by other lawyers. We also defend our successful trial outcomes when these are challenged at the appellate level.

We provide appellate representation in all family law matters, including:

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is taken very seriously in New Jersey. An emotional situation between spouses or partners can escalate quickly, and these emotions can lead to threats, harassment, or even assault between family members, roommates, and dating couples.

The attorneys at Lepp, Mayrides & Eaton, LLC, are dedicated to ensuring the safety and protection of victims as well as asserting the rights of those falsely accused of domestic abuse.

The consequences of domestic violence can be swift and severe enough to require protection for a party. While victims of domestic violence need those protections, there are also instances in which individuals file false domestic violence charges to gain an advantage during divorce or custody disputes.

Lepp, Mayrides & Eaton, LLC’s skilled Somerset County family law lawyers are experienced in handling domestic violence cases that involve false accusations and can help you defend yourself against the finalization of a Temporary Restraining Order. Without skilled defense, you may risk losing custody, your professional license, any weapons you may own, and access to your home. You may even subject yourself to possible jail time in the event of a violation of a restraining order. If you are the subject of a TRO, it is important to discuss your situation with a domestic violence lawyer, such as those at Lepp, Mayrides & Eaton, LLC, as quickly as possible.

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